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Women Neoprene

Our women's wetsuits are specially designed for the needs of female surfers and offer you the right neoprene thickness for every water temperature. Whether you are surfing in cold waters or in warmer temperatures, we have the right wetsuit for you.

In addition to classic long wetsuits, we also offer short surf suits and Surfsuits. These are especially suitable for warmer days or when you need more freedom of movement. Our women's neoprene accessories such as surf bonnets, neoprene gloves, neoprene waistcoats and surf shoes (booties) complete your surf outfit and offer you the perfect protection and comfort.

We focus on the highest quality and environmental friendliness in our selection of women's wetsuits and accessories. Our eco-friendly women's wetsuits made from Limestone are not only kind to the skin, but also reduce the carbon footprint. We want you to enjoy your surfing experience carefree and protect the environment at the same time.

Discover our wide range of women's wetsuits and accessories and find the perfect companion for your next surfing adventure.

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