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SURFGANIC - your surf brand for eco-friendly sustainable surf accessories

We at SURFGANIC would like to share with you our idea of environmental protection and sustainability in the water sports and fun sports sectors - surfing, kitesurfing, windsurfing, bodyboarding, skimboarding, skating, skiing or snowboarding? Or you are a big camping & outdoor fan and love nature like we do?
Our mission is to keep the planet clean and protect our environment. We know that our business - from the production of materials to the finishing of our products, through all the logistics - creates pollutants and environmental damage. That's why we are constantly working to reduce and minimise this damage. In short, to keep the negative footprint as small as possible. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible with all the products we need for our beloved sports. We are constantly looking for better alternatives and solutions.
Staying true to our core beliefs has helped us create Surfganic, which we are proud to work for. And our focus on high quality products has led us to success. For us at Surfganic, our love of wild and strange places has driven the fight to save our world. We want to do our part to help preserve this beautiful planet.

Be one with the nature!

Which articles are from Surfganic? Order Eco Surf accessories in our surf shop

 We at Surfganic have been thinking, which eco-friendly products do we want to start with and what makes sense? Since Steve has been handcrafting surfboards for years - we changed the name of his board company to Surfganic Eco Surfboards and brought him on board. Discover our eco-friendly sustainable Eco Surfboards under the category Surfboards. What could be more obvious than to expand the range with eco-friendly Eco Tailpads? These grip pads are made from recycled EVA and contain no plastic. We have expanded our product portfolio with environmentally friendly ECO surffleashes, which are made from recycled PET bottles. To protect your surfboard from damage, we have developed extra thick Eco surfboard socks made from recycled polyester. For a clean change of clothes on the beach and waterproof storage of your Eco wetsuit, our Changing Mat/Dry Bag is just what you need. Another product is our women's surf cap made from recycled PET bottles and recycled polyester. In the future, we want to improve our surf products and push sustainability further. New surf products are in the pipeline. Are you looking for more environmentally friendly and sustainable surf products? Then visit our Eco Surfshop.