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Surf helmets

Find your perfect water sports surf helmets for kite windsurfing & wakeboarding.

In our online shop, you will find a wide range of water sports helmets specially designed for kite-surfing, windsurfing, surfing and wakeboarding. Your safety is our top priority and we offer you the right helmets to prevent injuries.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced water sports enthusiast, unforeseen accidents can always happen. Even if you have perfect control of your surfing equipment, other surfers or unexpected obstacles can cross your path. Head injuries are no small matter, and that's why it's important to wear the right surf helmet.

Our water sports safety helmets offer you excellent protection and comfort when kiting, windsurfing, surfing and wakeboarding. They are specially designed for water sports and offer reliable protection against possible head injuries.

Our range includes a wide range of helmet models, so you can find the helmet that best suits you and your needs. We offer helmets in different sizes and designs so you can choose the perfect helmet for you.

Protect your head and minimise the risk of injury when doing water sports. Discover our selection of high-quality water sports helmets in our online shop now. If you have any questions, we'll be happy to help you choose the right helmet. Your safety is important to us and we want to make sure you can enjoy your watersports experience to the fullest.


The size chart is only a guide, as the shape of the head varies.
Please note that the measurements should be taken around the head - in the centre of the forehead, directly above the ears.


The Sentinel 1 is available in 3 sizes:   S - 52 - 54 cm M 55-57 cm L 58-62 cm

Your SIMBA helmet should fit like a baseball cap. The aim is to fit the helmet well to your head. If your measurements reach the maximum for the SMALL or MEDIUM size (54 cm or 57 cm), we recommend that you choose the next size up.

Measure the circumference of your head with a cloth tape.

Ideally, the measurement should be taken about 1/2″ above the ear. If you are between two sizes or are wearing a hoodie, we recommend that you choose the next size up.

What if my helmet has pressure points?

If the pressure point is at the front of the helmet, try placing the soft Halofit™ pads in the front Halofit™ pad channel. This padding can often alleviate pressure on the forehead. 

One of the unique features of the SIMBA helmet is that the foam moulds to your head. Slight pressure points often disappear after several surfing sessions.

Basically, all helmets are suitable for all water sports. Your preference decides how and against which influences you want to protect yourself. Whether with visor or without.... The helmets we offer are absolutely safe and certified. Choose the right helmet for you, whether you are a surfer, windsurfer, kitesurfer, wakeboarder, kayaker or other water sports enthusiast. You can't go wrong with these surf water sports helmets.

All helmets have the following features:

  • Inner lining - Impact-resistant, non-water-absorbing foam.
  • Headband - 10mm thick, multi-impact, non-water absorbent foam.
  • Fittings - All customised screws and rivets of the Gath helmet are made of strong, corrosion-free and salt water resistant materials.
  • Shell - Durable, UV-stable, high-impact plastic.
  • Restraint system:made of non-stretch, standardised webbing, standardised quick-release buckles for a secure fit and equipped with nylon-coated, non-water-absorbent foam for added comfort.

With the exception of the Gath NEO, all helmets have additional comfort strips made of multi-impact-resistant, non-water-absorbent foam.

All Gath visors and visors have the following features:

  • Visors - High-quality UV-stable, shatterproof plastic.
  • Shields - UV-stable, shatterproof, flexible, durable plastic.

Yes, wear the helmet for a few minutes to see if it fits well. The helmet must fit comfortably after putting it on, but must not move forwards or backwards. If the helmet is too loose, insert the Halofit™ pads to adjust the fit.

There are 2 sets of pads supplied - blue 7mm and green 9mm. We recommend that you start with the blue pads (7mm) first. Insert the pads first without removing the paper backing to adjust the fit. Then remove the paper backing and press it on.

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