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SOLAREZ - Your professional in surfboard repair kits.

In 1985, Wahoo International (manufacturer of Solarez®, LifeSled® and Bullyboard®) began manufacturing  repair kits composite surfboards and bodyboards. We used "unconventional" materials and processes such as UV curing resins, composite structures and vacuum packaging techniques. We saw that UV curing was a cleaner technology and ideal for on-site repair. We also knew it was better for production, the environment and the economy, but it would be an uphill battle to get existing manufacturers to change. The first Solarez polyester filler board repair was a hit worldwide. We continued to make a small number of boards and tried to introduce the techniques to the industry.

In 1993, Wahoo International, Inc. came to the Surfrider Foundation for an endorsement of our UV-curable resin "Solarez" because it could reduce VOC emissions in the surfboard industry by up to 97%. After about six weeks of consultations, Surfrider came back to us and said that "they could not endorse a chemical". Literally a few weeks later we saw the Surfrider newsletter with a cute little harbour seal on the cover and an endorsement for a beer company that made plastic 6-pak collapsible rings. I guess it's a given that the surfboard industry consumes beer but not polyester resin.

Since the 1980s, Solarez has diversified into over 20 formulas, radically improving the manufacture of sports composites, cabinets, musical instruments, fly fishing, jewellery, hobbies and crafts, and paving the way for exciting new technologies like 3D printing. In 2012, Wahoo International received the SBA "Exporter of the Year Award". The years 2011,'10 and'09 were commercially challenging. Our products have sold excellently worldwide, and that is clearly a matter of quality. In times like these, people are scrutinised more and more closely, and we came out on top. We thank everyone in the 36 or so countries we serve. It is an honour.

Team Solarez

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