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Surf Wax

In our surf shop you will find environmentally friendly surf wax for all temperatures to ensure the perfect grip on your surfboard. We offer a carefully selected range of brands that provide high quality surfboard wax.

Our range includes base coat wax and wax for different temperatures, including Cold, Cool, Warm and Tropic. This allows you to choose the right wax for the conditions and achieve optimal grip on your surfboard.

We place special emphasis on environmentally friendly products and therefore also offer environmentally friendly surf wax. These waxes are biodegradable and have less impact on the environment than conventional waxes.

Applying surf wax to your board before a surf session is not only important for grip, but can also be a ritual-like experience. The pleasant scent of the wax increases the anticipation of the next surf session and awakens holiday feelings, even if you are a landlocked surfer.

Discover our selection of eco-friendly surf wax for all temperatures now and look forward to improved performance on your surfboard. Order online and enjoy surfing with optimal grip.

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