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Surf Leashes

A surf leash, also known as a legrope, is an essential accessory for your surfboard. It is used to prevent the loss of your surfboard, especially in situations with high surf or strong currents.

In the line-up, when you are in the waves, you may lose your orientation or be knocked over by the water. In such situations, the surfboard leash is of great importance. It is attached to the ankle with a Velcro fastener (cuff). If you feel disoriented, you can simply hold on to the leash. The surfboard acts like a buoy and helps you to get your bearings again quickly.

The cuff, which is attached to the ankle, ensures that the leash is securely attached to you. This allows you to move freely on your surfboard without fear of losing it.

The surf leash is an important safety tool for surfers of all levels. It offers you the certainty that you won't lose your surfboard and that you can quickly access it again in the event of a fall.

In our surf shop you will find a selection of high-quality surf leashes in different lengths and strengths. Choose the leash that best suits your surfboard and your surfing level.

Secure your surfboard with a high-quality surf leash and enjoy carefree surf sessions. Order your Legrope online now and be ready for unforgettable surfing experiences!

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