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Doing surfboard repair yourself with surfboard repair kits? No problem

Aloha dear surf lover.
Are you looking for an easy way to repair your surfboard yourself?
Solarez surfboard repair kits are a quick fix. Normally we recommend you have your surfboard professionally repaired by a shaper, but sometimes there's no other choice. With Solarez repair kits, you can fix your surfboard in 10 minutes so you can use it again for your next session. We have epoxy-based and polyester-based surfboard repair kits in our range.

What should I look for in an epoxy-based surfboard repair kit?

It is important that the surfaces are free of grease and well roughened so that the Solarez adheres well to the surfboard and closes the hole permanently. You can also use it to repair polyester surfboards.

What do I have to pay attention to when using a polyester-based surfboard repair kit?

 Please do not repair surfboards with an EPS core with this kit, as the polyester dissolves this and eats deep holes in the blank. If you are not sure, choose a repair kit with epoxy.