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Order beginner friendly Minimalibu surfboards in our Surfganic Online Shop

A Mini-Malibu is not a real longboard (about 7'6? - 8,'0'' long ), and has a single fin option or come with a thruster fin setup. A Minimal is the little brother of the longboard and has a round nose and a flat rocker to allow a fast planing. The stability through the width makes this board a surfboard for beginners. Compared to the shortboard, the Minimalibu is less agile, smoother and less maneuverable - this is seen as a big advantage in the beginner area, because you are pushed to turn the surfboard over the tail. This is the basis to surf on a shortboard, fishboard, hybrid board or first of all with a funboard. We have Minimalibus in stock from the brands Torq Surfboards, Surfganic Eco Surfboards, Channel Island Surfboards and Venon Surfboards. Also as a softboard, called foamy, minimalibus is a must and underlines the beginner friendly nature of the shape. We offer Softboard Minimals from the brands Go Surfboards, SufNSun, Bugz and Torq.

The Mini-Malibu is well suited for:

- Surfing at surf spots with small weak to medium waves up to 3ft
- For surf beginners and surfers who want to buy their first board
- To have a lot of fun in the waves
- Experienced surfers have some time on the wave and to try things out

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In our online shop we offer you a wide range of Minimalibu surfboards, so that you can practice your water sport art no. 1, surfing!  With our effective shipping partners we guarantee a fast delivery. Starting at a value of 20 € the shipping within Germany is free of charge and for surfboards free shipping within Europe. Shop at Surfganic and benefit from our high class products. You have questions about certain products? Use our purchase advice and contact us via Live Chat, Mail, Whats app or phone +49 (01590 1712899) and get professional advice from one of our highly qualified staff. We look forward to hearing from you and will be happy to help you choose the right surfer for you.