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FUTURE FINS all started in a garage near California in 1996.
The Longo brothers had a reputation for making sophisticated aerospace parts and hydrogen fuel cells for research, but in 1996 they decided to combine their technical know-how with something they loved. Surfing. With this skill, we are constantly evolving our designs and creating new feels and new experiences. It's about being authentic, challenging the status quo and standing for the evolution of our sport. We were the first to make a pre-laminated fin box that gets its strength from the fibreglass. Later, when surfers were pushing the limits of waves that were no longer paddleable, we were the first to develop stiff, stable big wave fins.
We continue to develop new products like Alpha and tools like the Ride Number.

What products does Future Fins offer you?

At Future Fins we make the highest quality surfboard fins on the planet. High performance is in our DNA and every surfboard shape needs different fins. The handling of your surfboard is decisively influenced by the fins. The influence of the fins is estimated at 40%. For example, you can seriously influence and adjust the surfing behaviour of your shortboard with the choice of fins. Surfboards with higher performance like hybrid boards, fish boards and fun boards need different fin constructions for different areas of use to get the best out of every surfing condition. A twin fin setup needs to be tuned just as perfectly as a quad fin setup. With a 5 fin setup you have the choice whether you want to equip your surfboard with three fins (thrusters) or surf as a quad. The most different find designs are found in single fin surfing. Radical single fin surfboards, minimalibus with single fin option or longboards require different fin contours and fin sizes.  The foil of the fin is very important here. You have the option of sidebites on some single fin surfboards. For riverboards, there are completely different fins, as riversurfing is clearly different from surfing in the sea. These give you more control. Other products include fin keys and future fin boxes in different Colours.