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fin accessories

In our surf shop you will find a wide range of surfboard fin accessories to fix, adjust and maintain your fins. We offer a range of accessories to ensure you have the best surfing experience.

Our range includes fin screws to ensure your fins are securely attached to your surfboard.

We also stock placeholders that can be used to protect the fin box in your surfboard and close unused fin plugs.

A fin spanner is an essential tool for surfers to quickly and easily install or remove fins. We offer compatible fin spanners for popular fin systems such as FCS and Futures Fins.

In addition to these basic accessories, we also offer products such as fin bags and fin repair kits. These are used to care for, maintain and repair your fins to ensure they stay in optimal condition and give you pleasure for a long time.

Visit our surf shop and discover the variety of surfboard fin accessories. Our staff will be happy to help you choose the right accessories for your surfboard. Buy now and optimise your surfing experience with high-quality fin accessories!

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