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Why DMC FINS? These bodyboard fins are something special!

DMC has been making bodyboard fins since 1986 and has years of experience. The Vee Flipper fins are the best bodyboard fins for steep and hollow waves. Tuberide Baby!!! Some of the best bodyboarders wear DMC Bodyboard Fins and some have already become world champions with our product.
Make a conscious decision to use the fins of the world champions. Other manufacturers of bodyboard fins offer other possibilities in and on the wave.

Don was a professional firefighter and active member of his local Surf Life Saving Club at Coogee Beach, NSW, Australia; the beach was where he spent his entire youth. He was also a strong swimmer who competed in many different sporting events, winning the title of Surf Life Saving Body-surfing World Champion in 1983. Through these efforts, and after several trips to Hawaii in the mid-1980s where he regularly competed in body-surfing competitions, he became interested in water currents and fluid dynamics, having spent most of his life either in or on the water.

There were many possibilities, and Don's idea was to design and build some kind of swim fin (or flipper) that would revolutionise his sport. The Hydro Finz were born. The fin's design was unique, as the "V" rail design gave it an edge over the competition and proved functional for surfing, especially in deep, hollow waves. The V-Rail acted like small surfboard fins, only with 8 edges to add traction, not just 2 or 3.

 Calls to an established, high quality rubber company initiated the process of making the fins. The rubber company produced moulds and manufactured the product for export to Australia and the USA, Japan and Europe. Don travelled extensively to gain distributors for his one and only product - gaining sales and recognition worldwide due to its unique, patented features and performance. Since then, over one million pairs of Hydro Finz have been sold in more than 20 countries in various models updated since the original design. Hydro Finz are now manufactured in the largest rubber swim fin factory in the world. The Hydro brand was sold and Don moved on.

DMC is Don's new company and his knowledge of bodysurfing and swimming, as well as his product innovations, have produced the DMC Fins product line, which is suitable for the beginner to the serious watersports enthusiast.

In recent years Don has won another world championship in bodysurfing in his age group 'Masters' and has qualified as a swimming coach.

DMC's new patent pending technology is the 'RVR'- REVERSE VEE RAIL which has been applied to the NEW REPELLOR fin model with great success - this new fin is used for bodysurfing, bodyboarding, lifeguard training, competition and rescue, snorkelling and even scuba - all over the world.

Now - around the globe - top swimmers use DMC fins for their training and surfers and marine life use DMC REPELLOR fins as their first choice for getting around in the water.

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