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Black Mamba

Black Mamba

SKU: SGS1004


The Black Mamba is the flagship of our shortboard range. This board is perfect for travelling as it works in 2-10 foot waves, allows you to surf radically and carries you over weaker sections of the wave. This is supported by the single to double concave in the bottom. The Vee in the tail allows you to turn the board very well and facilitates rail to rail surfing. You can dissect reef waves just as well as waves on the beach break. The Roundtail gives you a perfect hold in steep and powerful waves. Whether North Sea, Supertubos or on the Canary Islands, the Black Mamba is the ultimate shortboard fun machine and leaves nothing to be desired.

Are you looking for a high performance shortboard for every day?

Then our Black Mamba is your board.

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